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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentines day

Ok so valentines day is coming and most of you are excited but I would like to tell you something. I don't like valentines day I don't even get why it is a holiday. I think it is the most grosses, mushy day ever if they have valentines day then why can't they have book day and violent books I like to say I am manly a violent person I can't stand love stories like the twilight series I love new moon cause it is os violent it is AWESOME!!!!! SO yeah leave me a comment telling me what you think. 
p.s if u don't have a google account and you leave your name as anonymous then leave your name at the end so I know who u r please thank you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The winner is....

The winner on my poll up above is..............


Taylor swift!!!!!!!!!She won by 6 votes (one vote was mine). 2nd place was pink by 2 votes. 3rd was Colbi Caillet by 1. Last place was David with none. Thank u for voting.

I will not delete my blog

i will not delete my blog I realized I can do it on my free time I wont have that much stuff on it though but I will try to make it better

Monday, January 5, 2009

I decided to delete my blog

I decided that I am going to delete my blog no one ever goes on it except my mom and my sister. I know that no one is reading this post except my mom and my sister. I don't get having a blog when no one goes on it this will be the last post. I am sorry that my blog is boring and dumb and not all that or gives u info about twilight I will still enjoy going on ur peoples blog!
Love the last time,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jasper is mine!!!!!!!!

Twilight QuizJasper is mine peoples no one can take him got it!!!!
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And the winner is....

Ok I know that poll has been up there for awhile but I have not have any time to do it I have been so busy lately. Ok so U all know the winner but I will just tell u the winner is.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Snickers won snickers got 8 votes!!!!! Resses got 1 vote and that was me. Twix got 1 vote. The famous hersey bar got no votes and other got 1. I really appreciate your votes and it is fun to see what people like I will put another poll on the top ^