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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Roller Coaster

Its funny how life is like a never ending roller coaster never ending. You're up then down forever. Just as life gets to that very last point were you're finally happy and the roller coaster finally made it to the top. It spirals down in all sorts of twist and bends. The roller coast reaches its lowest point you think to yourself you just can't do this anymore, your thinking it can't get better you'll never be happy again. Thats when the Roller coaster starts to make its way up again. It's a never ending roller coaster you just have to learn to ride with it. I feel like this is my life right now, I reach the top and I'm happy I feel great. Then something happens and I'm heading straight back down, right now I feel like I'm at my lowest point, but I know wherever life takes me, I'll be okay, I'll survive. There is so much more people out in the world today who have it so much worse. Just count your many blessings and you'll make it.

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