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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sandee & lindsey!

Sandee and lindsey did my nails!!!! what do you think? I think it is awesome thank you lindsey and sandee!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


AHHHHHH end of levels!!!!!! I am so nervous I really hope I past!!! This is the time of year where everyone wants to pull there hair out and scream and yes you get more acence this year but yet everyone wants to relax because we only have a month left until summer well I can not relax until end of levels are done!!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Here I am

so here I am at midnight waiting for my sissy to come home that rebel lol!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What do you think?

Okay so here is something I have been writing it is not good at all....can you guys just give me advice?

Chapter 1 Jane's view:
Home at last the warm sun hit my face right when I exited out of the airplane I looked over at Payton she was smiling her big bright smile," We did it, we finished college and now we are ready to become 2nd grade teachers!" I remember back in 7th grade when we planned to attend BYU in salt lake. I also remember when the letter came in the mail saying we made it, we screamed and jumped, and now here we are home at last!
We went outside to wait for our ride, Parker and Amanda pulled up in Amanda's car. "I am so excited that you guys are back!" Amanda squealed. Payton and I laughed, Parker and Amanda joined in so it was a chorus of laughter. We pulled up in my mom and dad's drive way, me and Payton looked at each other, confused, " Uh Amanda didn't you for-"
" Shush Jane I know Payton is still here just follow me." We walked up to the front door and my mom opened it to welcome us, "Hey mo-" "SURPRISE!!!!!" All my friends jumped up, " Oh my," I gasped for breath," can't I ever finish a sentence around here?" I said in a joking tone, everyone burst out into laughter. I went and talked to everyone I missed, I couldn't help but look for her the one friend; the friend I missed the most.
Of course, Alexa wasn't here she's been missing for 5 years. Alexa's mom begged me to help her look for her before I left, I promised her I would once I get back from college, 3 days latter I got a phone call that she died from a heart attack. At the end of the party I gave everyone a hug good bye and started to clean up the mess. I went out front to put the trash away, but the garage light wouldn't turn on. I soon felt like someone was watching me, I quickly ran back in the house and placed the garbage bag on the ground and ran up to my room. Ugh I let my imagination take over mind again. It took me awhile to get my heart to stop racing. Ring, ring, ring the sound of my phone made me jump. I took it out of my pocket and looked to see who was calling me. Spelled out in big letters on the front screen was the name Jared I hurried and opened it," Hey Babe!!" I practically screamed " Hey sorry I couldn't come tonight." I loved the sound of his voice it was the best sound in the world. " That's all right so guess what I-"
"Hey so I made 10 touch downs these past 2 years how amazing is that..." I sighed, Jared was always like this. Sure being the girl friend of a hot football player who every girl loved is fun, but sometimes I think that Jared only thinks of himself. I ended up telling him I had to "go," and hung up. I sat there in my room for awhile then got up to take a shower.
I walked in the bathroom and blast the radio loud and turned on the shower. I had a feeling I was being watched but I just ignored the thought. I hopped into the steaming, hot shower; it felt good at first nice and warm. My shower soon turned ice cold I looked up and the mirrors fogged up. My radio turned really quiet. I quickly jumped out of the shower as fast as I can and quickly got dress. I looked up at the mirror to do my hair and there was writing on there. I was shocked to what it said, I remember writing it back in 8th grade the year before Alexa disappeared we wrote on the mirror 'Jane and Alexa best friends forever'
We were laughing and having fun, but Alexa turned to me and said, ' Promise no matter what happens to me that you will come look for me.' I sat there looking at those words with tears in my eyes how did that writing get there? Then right before my eyes more letters appeared on the mirror they said," You promised!" One by one the lights in my bathroom went out, it got really cold and I had goose bumps up my arms. My hair raised the room was dark I heard breathing but it wasn't me, I stood there holding my breath when the noise came closer and closer that it stopped. I let out a sigh it was just my imagination. I at there not knowing what to do, than my radio turned on and screamed," I hate you!" Someone pushed me, someone was here. I screamed a high pitch scream and something hit me it was so fast and hard. I didn't know what happened at first, I just sat there in shock. Than I powerful force hit my face I fell and hit my head against the corner of the counter. I felt the hard cold tile underneath me warm liquid was dripping down the side of my face, " Jane, Jane..." someone said they where far away though. It felt like I was falling, falling to the end than everything stopped.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

can you handle the....thug story?

Thug story by taylor swift can you stand the awesomeness

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Looking ahead

I miss the warm sun, the bomb fires, the tans, the cool pool, pulling all nighters, having all the windows rolled down in the car and singing at the top of your lungs. There is no school, no homework, no jerk. Just you, friends, and the sun.... I miss summer right now I am counting down until it is time!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


hello my fellow bloggers! I would just like to say happy easter! hope it was great for everyone! my favorite quote for easter is on nacho librea and it is " I had dieare sense easters" bahahaha I love it! anyone eat candy and live!