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Monday, July 27, 2009

hey are you excited

Hey everyone I have a question its a simple question and all u have to do is leave a comment telling me the answer ok so here is the question:


Please answer this very important question thank you.

~ BrInLeY~

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just chillin

so me and my cousin (chaylyse) is just sittin around doing nothing so this post well be a random post of different words .
Pie, table, wait, cool, taylor lautner is a hottie, heart, sona is at my house with paige, here come ally,lulu is barking, me meg and chaylyse is watching 10 kids all of our cousins, this is a random post, chaylyse is in love with taylor lautner, I am in love with jasper, anyone likes pie, a cat says purr, qwest, pants, gloves, glasses, brinleys is a weirdo, hair, pony tail, clock, I ate a rat jk, the bells are ringing says the girl on hairspary, a squirrel is singing jingle bell, cell phones are ringing.

Now were going to take random picture!

~ BrInLeY~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am a crazy person

This morning I walked in my room and guess what I saw a spider my worse fear I rather see a poisonous snake than a spider (gulp) so as I saw and was running out of the room in fear I got a flashback it takes back when I was still in school:

It was a friday night and I just got back from lindsey birthday party it was 12:00 o'clock and my foot hurt at her party though I had A LOT  of candy and I get REALLY REALLY hyper when I have candy so I walk into my room and saw a daddy long leg crawling up my wall I glared at it with a evil glare and said " Troops we have a enemy lets try to kill it turn on every light in the house first." So I went and turned on every light except the bedrooms light were people where sleeping. I go back in my room and started Army crawling and this is what I said "Come on men lets get this spider." I guess I thought I was in the army and I was the leader. Well I catch a spider in a cup and put a paper towel in the cup the spider was crawling around trying to get out I went down stairs in the bathroom started talking the spider " You are going to die." 
" I am going to make it so you never wished you were alive." and I said those two words over and over again. My dad came in and told me to flush and go to bed. In the morning my dad asked to see if I had coke that night I told him no cause I didn't have coke I had CANDY!!!!!


sorry there is no picture cause a picture of a spider well scare me

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A promise

I promise that I will TRY to write a post everyday of my average teenage life I will at least TRY to do it everyday. :) Right now today there is nothing exciting going on that is why I am on the computer. Oh well I guess I will go and Imagine that I am doing something exciting I will talk to you guys later today I know I do smilies a lot


Monday, July 20, 2009

Having fun

                    Valerie ^                  Me^                  Meg^
      Valerie ^                me  ^                            Meg^
          Valerie ^              me^                  meg^

 so here I am a 13 year old girl and I am playing with my 11 year old sister and her friend. Now you must think teenagers don't play kids game they just talk and talk and swim and blah blah blah. Well not this teenager this is what I did with my sister and her friend, we all dressed up in black and pretend that we were secret spies and our mission from agent fred was to go spy on my brothers and his friends. Well my brother and his friend made a fort underneath there bunk beds and there room was pitch black cause they were watching a movie. Me, Valerie, and meg quietly sneak in this is what happen:

A little bit of giggles
Kade (My brother) : Wait guys I heard something.
We all stood there waiting to see what will happen nothing 
Me: Phew (wipe my brow) I tried climbing up there bunk bed than lulu started scratching on the door. I knew they were going to go get her so I ran and clumsy me tripped over a toy.
Me: Ow!
Meg and valerie: (Laughing) Kade came over saw us (I guess our disguise didn't work) and yelled Get out!!!!!

So that was how it went i know go ahead and laugh at me cause I am acting like a little kid but I don't care.



 Ok so i am the clumsy person in my family, my dad can tell you all about it. Well a couple days ago I walked inside to wash dirt away from my hands My dad turned around with a plate full of watermelon and asked me to bring it outside I look at him with a look saying are you actually trust me to bring this out. I didn't day it out loud my when I was walking out he told me not to dropped I laughed Of course I'm not going to drop it I spoke to soon just when I said the a tripped on thin air luckily I caught my self I looked back and my dad didn't see me I took a deep breathe and carefully walked out to our table outside my mom and sister were out there watching me, Right when I was setting it down very carefully the juicy delicious watermelon slipped of the plate and fell my dad started laughing and said it's all ways you Brinley. Now last night my dad made the best raspberry smoothies I asked him to see if I can drink it in his bedroom he said I could as long as I don't spell well right when I got on the bed I accidently knocked over the smoothie and SPALSH there was pink smoothie ever. That is how clumsy I am.



Ok so on Friday me and tay and jordans mom threw jordan a surprise party. Me and taylor had to keep jordan busy that day so her mom can get ready for the party we first did jordans hair she complained at first but at the end of the day she was glad we did it :) after we did her hair we went to go see the movie the Proposal that show was so funny I loved it! We went to this ice cream place after uh it was called.... Ok I can't remember what it was called, after we ate that delicious  ice cream ( Thank you Taylor's mom for taking us) we went shopping but we didn't buy anything I guess all of us is saving our money. we went back to jordans house and walked into the kitchen and " SURPRISE!!!!!!!!" Everyone yelled all of her friends were there well most of her friends she jumped so high it was so much fun we all swim and at Hamburgers and hot dogs yum :) that was my weekend.

P.S I will try to get more pictures of her B-day party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Ok so ateenagerslife.blogspot.com is not going to happen so I am going to change it to ateenagerslife15.blogspot.com I will change it on monday

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hurry and read this

Ok so summer is almost over and finally were not going on any vacation so now I have time for my blog. This summer has been really fun, jordan, taylor, and me had a sleep over and we were sleeping on the ground at 4:00 in the morning Jordan see a cockroach coming toward her so brave taylor tried squishing it with her shoe but it wouldn't die it was like a never dying cockroach it was gross cockroach guts were every where after taylor stomped on it like 20 times only its legs were moving so we put a bucket over and slept in another room. I am also getting my braces off the 25th!!!!! I am changing my blog name on saturday and it will be ateenagerslife.blogspot.com.