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Monday, March 21, 2011

Quotes :)

Here is some quotes I love:
"The freshman girl, oh so shy, sits and watches the sophomore guy. THe sophomore guy, with his head in a whirl, sits and watches the junior girl. THe junior girl, in her red sedan, sits and watches the senior man. But the senior man all hot and wild, secretly loves the freshman child."

"sHE beLIEveD him"
"Dear dairy.
Today I met a boy.
He stole my heart.....
And won't give it back"

" It's okay to believe. You are beautiful"

" All I can do is be ME, whoever that is" -Bob Dylan

"Dear heart today I met a boy prepare to shatter."

" SHE: is laying in bed with the door locked the curtains are drawn and the lights off. The Notebook is in the dvd player. An empty tub of ice cream is on the floor next to dozens of crumpled tissues. She's got her music blasting, so loud no one can hear her sobs. Her fingertips are smudged with black from wiping away mascara- stained tears. She's replaying their last conversation, thinking I'll never get him back.
HE: is sitting on the edge of his bed with the door locked. THe curtains are drawn and the lights off, Call of duty is in the xBox. The Controllers is laying on the floor, Right beneath the spot where he nearly punched the wall i his own frustration.
He's got the music blasting so loud no one can hear his cries. His hair is a mess form running his hands through it. And he's replauing their last conversation, thinking she'll never take me back."


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