‎"Guys are like stars... There are a million of them... but only ONE can make your dreams come true!"


Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok so there I am sitting in school in Ms.Hendrixson class ready to learn all of the sudden the office calls me down saying I have an appointment? Well here I am clueless of what is going on and my dad is standing down there and he look really mad. Oh  boy I thought I am in so much trouble but for what? I had know  Idea until my dad told he pulled me out of the office to clean MY ROOM! What the heck? I forgot to clean my room that morning and they pull me out of school. Whose parents does that it was really weird. Leave a comment telling me what your parents do when you forget to clean your room. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad News

Ok so we have this dog named Max and he was really fun to play with until a couple of weeks ago he started acting funny he wouldnt jump anymore he wouldnt climb the stairs and he wouldnt play. Well my dad took good old max to the vet and they said he has tumors and that there is cancer spreading all over his body they can't do anything though cause they say he is to old he is 8years old in human years. They don't know when his is going to dye but they know it will be soon. I am really sad right now and I'd cried all night. I know you all thinnk he is just a dog but he is the greatest dog ever and I am never going to find another one like him.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok so it turns out that u al luv valentines day boo who except for 3 people blah blah I was one of the 3 people can someone answer this question please y do we celebrate valentines day?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

100 facts about me

1. I'm special
2. I have 5 little siblings 
3. I'm the oldest kid in my family
4. I have a lot of bff
5. my mom gives good advice
6. my dad is always there
7. I love to do technology  
8. I'm good at figure out technology
9. I'm a geek
10. I love to shop
11. I love frogs
12. I also love dogs
13. I have 2 turtles and 3 dogs
14. I'm a big twilight fan
15. My sister is some times annoying 
16. I love the color lime green
17. I babysit a lot
18. chocolate is my fav food
19. I do flips a lot
20. Taylor Swift is my fav singer
21. I love summer
22. I hate school
23. I like to wear shorts
24. I love flip flops 
25. I have braces
26. I hate braces
27. I laugh a lot some times for no reason
28. I have wonderful aunts 
29. I hate sleeping in
30. I love to ride my bike early in the morning
31. I love to read
32. my other fav color is pink
33. I taught my self how to play the piano 
34. I also play the violin and the guitar
35. A piece of wood fell on my sisters head she bleed a lot
36. I love music 
37. My mom and dad are clean freaks 
38. My little brothers are sometimes annoying
39. I like to wake up early
40. My favorite radio station is 96.7
41. my other fav song is Live your life
42. most of my friends are boys
43.I had a dog die when I was 8
44. I had my turtles for 5 years now
45. My dog desie we had her for 8 years now
46. My dog max we had him for 4 years
47. I love to swim
48. 1 of my cousins is really hyper 
49. I love my blog
50. I'm halfway through
51. I love to build stuff
52. I'm weird
53. I love movies
54. My fav movie is pirates 
55. I can't wait for the twilight movie to come out
56. I have a craft blog
57. I love parties 
58. I wish I never started this
59. My fav fruit is a strawberries 
60. I have a crush on no one someone 
61. I'm bored
62. I love to sleep under the stars 
63. I love animals 
64. I don't ride horses 
65. my fav flower is a rose 
66. I have a craft blog
67. I love doing blogs
68. Camping is fun
69. I almost caught my house on fire
70. I wish I never started this
71. My fav smoothie is banana & strawberries
72. I ruined our really EXPENSIVE blender 
73. My fav movie is The littl Mermaid
74. I love the twilight series
75. I think the host is confusing
76. My fav song is Marys song
77. I luv the host
78. My mom made a blog
79. I'm going to disney land in december
80. I love to watch the discovery cannel
81. I also love the animal channel
82. My fam think I'm a geek cause I watch the discovery channel
83. I looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee reading
84. Reading is awesome
85. Reading is more cool then everything else
86. I'll rather read then watch T.V or anything else
87. I'm allergic to something
88. we don't know what I'm allergic too
89. I hate flies 
90. I have 10 more facts to go
91. I use to have long hair
92. The hair person mess up and cut my hair short
93. I have short hair
94. I hate short hair
95. I'm a tree hugger
96. I'm close to being done
97. I'm good at science
98. I HAVE great BFFL
99. I hate mean comments
100. never thoughwoul make IT!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yo yo yo

Ok lets catch up on my life my life is good so far I have great friends and I love to make movies then I realized I can put my movies on her so u guys are going to be seeing a lot more movies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

me and jord and my sister meggy were really bored so we made this moviewe took 150 pictures my finger hurt when it was done me and jord had the easy part they just had to pose. lol :)