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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Great I have been tagged by byutatortot (byutatortot.blogspot.com) so I have to tell you six things about me!

  1. My biggest pet peeve is when people go on sidewalks or anything like that it makes this weird sound.
  2.  This is going to sound weird but I hate having my feet dirty I wear my shoes everywhere and like clean my feet every  5 min no joke.
  3. chocolate is my weakness I eat everything with chocolate.
  4.  I hate dresses and skirts I'm more like a tom boy type
  5. I'm really really scared of spiders even little tiny ones they scare me so bad I am more scared of spiders then rattle snakes and sharks.
  6.  Here is one of the biggest facts about me.............. 
                                          drum roll please

 I want to move and that never happens to me but I do I really want to move

Now that you learned everything about me I want to learn more about you peeps who go on my blog go ahead and leave a comment about yourself so you can brag on about you!

                      people I am tagging

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