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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ok here it goes

           Ok so I'm finally going to tell you about my vacation in pics
       P.S we went at the beach and I saw three dolphins and I got taken away by a wave when I was boogie boarding luckily it washed me up shore it was horrible
              here is us traveling in the car on the way there meg is ether mad at me or car sick

             Before we went on the cruise we stayed at Las Vegas Bridger was so cute

         Here is me and my siblings waiting to go to L.a I'm the 1 in the back sitting on a suit case

  Here is me boogie boarding before I almost got taken away in the ocean by a wave ya I almost got taken out in the ocean scary

                                             We also went to L.A heres all the kids at the beach

                               Heres Dallan holding his pants up he did not want to get wet

                                                           Look theres Catilina Island W.OW

               When we went to Caitlina we in a submarine it was so cool theres me!

 On the cruise they had a chocolate buffet I'm next to the chocolate fountain and those 2 statues were melting

                           Here I am taking my first bit at the chocolate buffet on the cruise I'm a pig

                                           In mexico there was seals every where there look close!
And here I'm eating chocolate and a go-gurt (told you that I am a pig) wishing that I'm back on the cruise at the chocolate buffet 

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