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Friday, December 5, 2008

Bad hair day

I'm bored again I have nothing to do so i'm just going to right. Well I was just l
ooking through my pictures and I saw a couple I took for fun because I was bored and it was me and my 
bad hair day! I thought hey we all have bad hair days so  thought I would show you the pictures so you c
an laugh just like me! Leave me a comment of what you thought of my hair. :)
                                                                 beautiful curlers!

just woke up whats that in my hair?

Trying to act cool

frizz ball
Like I said I was bored

well thats all I got!


Madimads said...

i like the bottom pic lol

Anonymous said...

i like the just woke up one even tho they were all awesome

Anounomous Breelyn

brinybrin said...

thank u!