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Thursday, June 11, 2009

am I really going 2 b gone this week

My Family an I r going camping!!! So I will be gone the rest of the weekend I will take lots of pictures an bring them back for u ppl 2 see. I can't wait 2 go I ♥ camping!!


Beth said...

thats so cool my family never goes camping my parents hate it but i get to go to girls camp so that counts doesn't it ? well i hope you have a fun time!!!

jaydawg said...

hey where did you go for girls camp and where did you go when you went camping for your family reunion? did you go to yankee meadow for the reunion and the Arizona strip for girls camp?
or were you in any Arizona city? but in the moutains?

Love ya!


brinley said...

For the family reunion we went to yankee meadow and for girls camp we went to jacobs lake that is in arizonia!