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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The average life as a teenager

OK today I woke up, stared at my alarm clock wishing I had laser beams shooting out my eye so I can turn it off. Yawned and rolled off the bed, thump I hit the ground. I look at my mirror wondering how I am going to do my hair it was so messy. Went downstairs ate breakfast and got ready for school. Go to school learn about "quotation marks" took a career test said I was going to be a landscaper or a teacher and than went to lunch. Went to orchestra played violin went to art talked about a vampire frog named edward and rode the best home with taylor.

That is how my day went now this is how I wish my day went.

OK today I woke up and shot laser beams out of my eyes at the alarm clock, Jumped out of my bed and went down a slide downstairs. Had a whole bunch of ice cream for breakfast than went back to bed. Woke up again at 9:00 went to school, and they gave me a million dollars. Took a test saying how awesome I was, the computer exploded cause the number of how awesome I was to big. Than this limo came to school and me and taylor rode it home, and inside the limo was Taylor Lautner!!!!
That is how I wish my day went but sadly it didn't

~ BrInLeY~


Meggymeg said...

oh boo hoo

ValeGirl7* said...

me too!
Meg you are so mean to your siSTAR!LOL

brinley said...

u just realized that??? jk lol