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Thursday, August 26, 2010

a letter to max

Dear max,
Its been a year sense you left and I still cry for you. Some people tell me to get over it because you where just a dog. But you where not just a dog to me you where a best friend. I still think about you a lot. Every time I pass by a picture with you, it hurts inside but I still try to smile remember all the good times we have. The golf cart is broken now, I know you would have been sad about that. I still remember how everyday when I came outside you where sitting in it and smile. Whenever we say family prayer I think of you and remember how you made me laugh so hard cause it would seem like you where folding your arms. You made me laugh a lot, I miss that. I started 9th grade this year and sometimes I cant help but hope your outside the gate to greet me when I get off the bus, but I get off the bus and your not there I cry. I always have these questions running through my head wondering did the cancer hurt over the year, because the worse was when everyday I saw you get weaker and weaker. I knew you where in pain and I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry I didn't say good bye I was just scared because it would mean it was official that you where leaving. I can't believe it has been a year sense you be gone. I still remember that day when dad went out to call your name to see if you wanted to go to work with him and when you didn't came it worried him so he went out back and found your body under the trailer. I don't go to that spot where you left us, it hurts to much. I love you max and I know heavenly father takes care of you but sometimes I want you here.
R.I.P max 8/19/2009

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Corynn said...

BRINLEY! your gonna make me cry! . . now i realize that when my dog dies im gonna like die inside and never leave my rooom!