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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nice mustache, thanks.

Busy, busy, busy. this is my regular schedule during the week" sleep, eat, school, cheer, homework, sleep. Sounds like a pretty exciting life eh? hahaha well actual I am very much enjoying my life write now. Right now I am "helping" my mom in activity days. Okay lets be honest I'm pretty much doing nothing. Any who I decided to put the most recent picture of me on here and I as I was looking for one I found this lovely picture:

Liking the mustache ^

I think it makes me look a lot smarter ^
Oh by the way I dyed my hair all on my own last night it is now dark brown instead of blonde!

~ Brinley

P.s down below if you push play you can hear the song I currently love right now it is teenage dream but its not by Katie perry its by this guy name tyler ward such a great song!

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Corynn said...

I love that last picture! Totally make it your profile picture! Here. . . I'll even edit it on picnik for you.. . but I think you have premium on picnik too huh? well. . . that stinks. I'll text ya and ask right now. . .