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Friday, November 4, 2011

Let me tell you one thing...

They are always there for you.
But you have to find the right ones first.
Through your teenage years, its hard.
You think you have this one true friend,
But there not.
You've been beaten down and hurt so
many times.
Your pillow is stained from the tears you shed,
You start to think no one is there
You start to think your alone.

Trust me I've been through all that.
Don't ask me why its in a weird
format right now.
I just wanted something new.
Let me tell you one thing...
FIND that true friend.
There out there.
Through out middle school
I struggled, all my friends
ditched me,
stabbed me in the back,
made fun of me,
and made me think I could never do anything right.
Then one day.
I found these true friends
I see the changes in my life
My family sees these changes.
If your struggling with friendship
and one friend is not treating with you
Respect you deserve
Close the door to them
Don't look back.
Don't open the door.
Find that true friend
and watch your life change
for the better.
P.s no this is not meant to be a poem if you think that by the format


SmileForHym said...


Anonymous said...

I turned it into a rap :)

brinley said...

Thats awesome:) me and my friends were having a rap contest before I wrote this I guess thats why I wrote it the way I did.