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Monday, June 9, 2008

My bad week

In 2007 my family got this new blender and it was really expensive, and my family loved my smoothies I made. One day I went to make the smoothies for my brother, and I usually poke at it with a knife well I poked it too far down and boom I broke one of the blades. On that same week I came home from school and I wasn't that happy I cant remember why, anyway my mom said I had to babysit what made it worse. Then my brother came up to my mom and was crying for her to make mac-cheese she told me to do it. Then she left so I through the mac-cheese in the microwave and I sat down on the counter. My sister suddenly yelled there is smoke in the kitchen, and it turned out that the microwave was on fire. Our house smelled like smoke for a week. That was my bad week.

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see tolda you caught something on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!