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Monday, June 16, 2008

My cousins

My cousins just came down from salt lake to visit us. We had all of them staying at my house so we had 16 people sleeping at my house 10 of them were kids!!!!!!!!!!!! The oldest was me so the kids were all under the age of 10. The parents went shopping a lot so I had to babysit 10 kids a lot. Anyways we all had fun because it was like a family reunion so it was nice. They came on a thursday and left on a sunday on fathers day that didn't stop us from celebrating it though. In the morning all of cousins were packing up to get ready to go, so me and my family went in to my parents room and sang a happy fathers day. We gave him his presents and he loves them. Went to my grandmas house after. At my grandmas house we had breakfast with the cousins and after breakfast we all had to say our good byes I do not like that part. THen we went home to our nice quite house and had an Indian Jones marathon until we hd to go to my others grandmas house ttyl

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