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Friday, April 10, 2009

Dallan B-day

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Dallan
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday was Dallan's birthday he had such a fun time he turned 4 years old someone please tell him to stop growing up! If you went up to Dallan and ask him what he wanted for his birthday this was our conversetion:

Me: so dallan what do u want for your birthday?
Dallan: I want a big monster truck so I can wide it to rody's (brody's) house.
Me: What else do u want for ur birthday?
Dallan: A little miny monster truck so I can play with it on my fingers.
Me: so u want a miny monster truck to match ur big one?
Dallan: No I don't want a big monster truck!!!
Me: OK?

Than when He was opening presents my mom set one down in front of him and he said "Thats for me mom!" and than after he opened a present he started pointing at everything in it and said to bridger and kade" u can't play with this, u cant play with this, and you cant play with this"
Oh dally I love u!

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Beth said...

thats so cute! i remember when joel was that fun. not so much any more he whines all the time! i guess its because i tease him a lot! brothers can be really nice some times but some times they can be real meanies!!!!