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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why do people hate each other?

Why do people hate each other isn't there enough hate in the world. People sometimes people hate each other so much that don't have enough room for love so a married couple gets a divorce over one fight and they couldn't get over hating that fight a friend loses a friendship. What else I realize and when I get older and have kids this is not how I am going to act: People are nicer to strangers than their on kids, u know there is a poem someone said during sacrament and it stuck with me I don' remember the whole thing but I remember these words "I ran into a stranger today and apologize quickly telling them how sorry I am later that day I was working in the kitchen when I ran into my little boy I yelled at him and told him to get out of my way and sent him to his room. Later I saw blue flowers on the counter with a note saying " I love you mom" I went upstairs and asked him if he picked them for me and this was his reply " I picked the blue one for u cause I knew blue was ur favorite color when i was going to show u, u ran into me" that was the poem I heard in church. When was the last time u said I love you or say ur a great friend I challenge u to try it tomorrow and see what the person says!  



Hey Brin you know I love you!

brinybrin said...

same here

Beth said...

you're the best friend in the world. I lov having u as a friend! your always thinking of others and your so fun to be around.thanx for being my friend! :)

brinybrin said...

Same with u beth