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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

how to survive school

How to survive school on December 6th.
Wake up, get dress good enough to not to get crap all day. Grab a snack and proceed to run to the bus stop.
Wait in the cold have fun seeing your breath outside. Look around and ahh as you see your trapped in the fog ( secretly that means Gnomes are attacking but oh well) and then try not to get hit my the bus as it creeps up the street. Duck when you see any kind of spit wad and jam ear phones in your ears to avoid any conversation you can go your whole life without hearing.
Get off the bus and avoid the following groups: The Preps (to jumpy), avoid the populars ( way to much hair flipping and make up), don't go near the stairs thats where the emo's and goths are (They are usually acting dead or sleeping on the stairs) , and finally do not go to the geeks (Talking to themselves are gives a 10 minute answer to one question). Just stay by the doors and wait for your friends.
Now you have achieved normal you invisible to everyone else but not stero typed. Go to first period class and wear a helmet, notes occasionally hit you in the head once in awhile when you sit by the populars and the goths trying to be popular. Survive till bell rings. Then dreaded math, now the class is filled with goths and cigarette smoke is everywhere. Try to understand the stuff but not to much or someone freaky might ask for help. Hold your breath for the 72 minutes so you don't have to breath in the smoke.
Don't have bananas hate you so you don't have to sit on the floor of shame in homeroom. Avoid all food at lunch that might come alive and eat you.
Bring extra deodorant in P.E and try not to die running.
Actual study science test to not fail.
Get out of school and to the bus stop fast to avoid get crushed ran over and sweared at.
When on the bus don't talk about little green people running, if so you are stero typed by everyone the freak who is weird. You get weird looks the rest of the day.
Follow this guide and maybe you can survive lets just hope.

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