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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I hate surprises. Lets just get that over with, so suspense is very much like surprises. I had three test today. The suspense of getting those scores back is KILLING me!! The one I was worried about the most was science. Don't you hate it when your sitting there and your taking the test and it seems like your going backwards? It turns out you are and you forget you keep going backwards to go over a question again cause you think its wrong. Your sitting there biting you nails taking the test and hearing, Click.....Click.....Click. Or if someone in your class doesn't care what they get is sitting there going, clickclickclick. Ah the quiet drives me crazy! Then you know when someone is done because you here YES! or oh crap. Your on the last question and you are on the end of your seat. You sit there and stare at the submit button wondering if you should do it, so you hurry and click on it. Then your computer is taking forever to load the score. Your just sitting there think "Crap I failed I know I did. great I have to do summer school" and your mind is going a million hours just thinking about it and your holding your breath. then boom it shows up and and you can breath. Yes that was me I got a 97% thank goodness!!

This is a great picture ^

~ Brinely
p.s thanks mom so much for bring me Orange peel your the best Love you!!

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Showell Misses said...

I love you, too! Good job on your test!