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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Qualities I look for in a good friend

I ma here in Mrs.Rainy's class typing and I am very bored so I am going to write qualities I look for in a good friend.

They are there when u need them.
They have a good sense of humor
They know when u r sad
They don't talk behind ur back
They don't question u about what u know about ur life like when u get streaks in ur hair an then u say oh u got streaks for the first time but then u r like no I always get them an they said no this is ur first time. Its like hello I think I know my life better then you do u don't need to correct it.
They are kind
They are social
They are not normal
well thats all I can write about for right now and if a friend is talking behind ur back then they are not meant to be ur friend so get rid of them.


Showell Family said...

I totally agree. I also like to be around positive people. Brinley you are very positive. Thank you for that.

brinley said...

ur welcome ya I forgot to add that to my list about postive ppl I also like to be around postive ppl.

Beth said...

do i have all those qualities in me? i know u do! of and tell the truth i want to know if i'm a good friend or not!!!! promise ok tell the truth

Showell Family said...

YES!!!! U do have all those qualities!