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Saturday, May 30, 2009

scary maze

Ok so here I am sitting at home my family is outside I go on this maze thing an I thought I was doing so good when I won this scary face popped up I almost Pee my pants (And taylor know that when I say I almost pee my pants that means I'm lucky I didn't cause I pee my pants when ever I get scared) I also punched the computer by accident cause when something or someone suprise  me I punch them or thing it was funny so ya ppl please Don't ever scare me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meggymeg said...

YOU SPELLED WELCOME WORNG!!!!!!!! you spelled it like this Welocome

Julia :~) said...

Hi im megs bff from the cruise i was wit u guys on chocolate night im the same way

brinley said...

lol ya I remember u it sometimes sucks cause one time my my woke me up early an I almost punched her it was sort of funny but not really