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Monday, May 25, 2009

Soaking in the sun NOT!!!

oK SO sumer just started an guess what I am sick it sucks real bad:( oh well I hope this summer will end up great cause I have the best friends ever an I bet they will make it the best summer ever!!!


Meggymeg said...

Ha ha ha I loved how i soaked in the sun yesterday! and U did too and U said U were sick! You went swimming in cold icy water! and ur sick????

brinley said...

Ok meg first u had no idea that I was sick an y did u think that I was in the trailer the whole entire time u guys were fishing an having fun an y do u think I was crying saying everything hurts an no I didn't go swimming in icy cold water I was in grandmas hot tub the whole entire time cause I couldn't swim it hurt to much to swim.