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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Burn

So here I am this happy teenager skipping around the house than I think to myself why don't I make hot coco. So I pour a cup of milk and put it in the microwave and was talking to my mom beep, beep the hot coco was done so I go to take it out splash its all over my arm I thought my arm was on fire so I went to throw the cup but spilled more on my arm. I screamed really loud and my mom was freaking out she was about to take me the the E.R well that was yesterday my arm still burns and if I touch my arm it will burn 2 as much. I had to keep a ice cold rag over it all day yesterday.

~ BrInLeY~


Beth said...

that must have really hurt! r u ok? is it all red? is it peeling? sorry i have so many question i'm just worried!

brinley said...

no no no it used to be red