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Friday, August 28, 2009

bye bye maxxy

This is going to be just a short and simple post I will not make it long because I do not want to cry. Well my dog max that I have been writing about for a long time passed away on august 19, 2009 he was 9 years old and he had cancer but that is not what had kill him. Well a couple months ago we had this tumor on his leg taken off and the doctor said that he would live another 5 years.... The tumor came back.... Here I was on the computer waiting for my ride to school when my dad came in and told me max was gone I cried for 2 days I couldn't believe he was gone. I still don't believe that he is gone I feel like he is in the backyard waiting to go on a golf cart ride just the other day I went back and called his name to come but than I remember that he would never come and that I was just sitting there looking like an idiot. Well that is all I have to say.

Good bye max I love you!!

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