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Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Been A long time e

Sorry I haven't been on my cousins have been over. So I don't know what to write so I will write 20 facts about me.

1. I love to eat cereal
2. Taylor Swift and Jennette McCurdy are my favorite singers
3. My favorite animal is a frog
4. My favorite color is green
5. I can't sleep if any lights are on it has to be pitch black
6. I can't sleep without a fan
7. I love to make movies
8. I can't wait for school to start
9. My shoe size is a size 6 or 6 1/2
10. I have dirty blonde hair
11. I have blue eyes
12. I have to have my nails cut really short
13. I wear my shoes everywhere even inside the house
14. I am getting my braces off the 25th
15. My favorite flowers are roses
16. I have annoying sister
17. I love to read
18. I want to move to paris when I am 20
19. I want to travel all over the world
20. I am done


Julia :~) said...

hey Meg is not annoying we're both annoying ps its our job as younger siblings to anoy older siblings lol

brinley said...


Beth said...

u still want to travel the world and meet an australian and get married and have surfer kids! jk i'm really excited to start school too! i can't believe your getting your braces off an the 25th r u scared or excited!?

brinley said...

I am Excited to get my braces off and yes I will still marry and australian and all of that I can't wait for school to start!!!