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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The lonely love life of a teenage girl

The awful dreadful L word Love in high\middle school you see it everywhere. The Hand holding, the kissing, the hugging, the whisper in the ear. It seems like its everyone is together with someone...but you. Thats when you get worried that when you secretly sniff yourself to see if you have major B.O. or worse did anyone notice the big giant ZIT on your forehead. Well here is some ways that will help you so your not embarrassed anymore to be single.
Step 1. Walking to the bus from school and there is no one 6 feet radius of you. Quickly dash to your left and put your arm around him and ask what he wants to do that night, and keep talking so he cant get a word in.

Step 2. Your standing with your group of friends and they all are holding hands with their boyfriend. What do you do? Its simple hold some stranger guys hand and act like its normal.

Well that all I got. Good luck surviving in this world.

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