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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today me and My family went to the movies and saw Rango. It was cute and funny. After the movie my little brother ( age 5) Kept saying. "You can always tell how a movie ends first its funny and then the hero always win." and I realized its TRUE almost every movie ends with a great happy ending and the bad guy wins and NEVER dies when he is about to. Notice how I say 'almost every movie' there is some movies out there that don't end like that. Movies like that never make it though, people get mad because they expect a happy ending. Itssad how reality these days, people can't take a change, they want it to end happy. I guess most people cling on to the happy endings, hoping they will
have on of their on, it's sad. Directors if you dare to go that far where the hero dies, good luck to you.

~ Brinley

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Savannah said...

That's so true. Like in "My Sister's Keeper" the book does not necessarily have a happy ending, so they changed to movie so that it was COMPLETELY different. I think people need to realize that not everything in life will have the perfect happy ending, but I will all turn out okay in the end.