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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am a crazy person

This morning I walked in my room and guess what I saw a spider my worse fear I rather see a poisonous snake than a spider (gulp) so as I saw and was running out of the room in fear I got a flashback it takes back when I was still in school:

It was a friday night and I just got back from lindsey birthday party it was 12:00 o'clock and my foot hurt at her party though I had A LOT  of candy and I get REALLY REALLY hyper when I have candy so I walk into my room and saw a daddy long leg crawling up my wall I glared at it with a evil glare and said " Troops we have a enemy lets try to kill it turn on every light in the house first." So I went and turned on every light except the bedrooms light were people where sleeping. I go back in my room and started Army crawling and this is what I said "Come on men lets get this spider." I guess I thought I was in the army and I was the leader. Well I catch a spider in a cup and put a paper towel in the cup the spider was crawling around trying to get out I went down stairs in the bathroom started talking the spider " You are going to die." 
" I am going to make it so you never wished you were alive." and I said those two words over and over again. My dad came in and told me to flush and go to bed. In the morning my dad asked to see if I had coke that night I told him no cause I didn't have coke I had CANDY!!!!!


sorry there is no picture cause a picture of a spider well scare me


Meggymeg said...

ha ha ha ha to bad i was gone last night at a sleep over!!

brinley said...

it wasn't last night it was a long time ago

Julia :~) said...

lol WOW