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Friday, July 24, 2009

Just chillin

so me and my cousin (chaylyse) is just sittin around doing nothing so this post well be a random post of different words .
Pie, table, wait, cool, taylor lautner is a hottie, heart, sona is at my house with paige, here come ally,lulu is barking, me meg and chaylyse is watching 10 kids all of our cousins, this is a random post, chaylyse is in love with taylor lautner, I am in love with jasper, anyone likes pie, a cat says purr, qwest, pants, gloves, glasses, brinleys is a weirdo, hair, pony tail, clock, I ate a rat jk, the bells are ringing says the girl on hairspary, a squirrel is singing jingle bell, cell phones are ringing.

Now were going to take random picture!

~ BrInLeY~

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